Lenny Hagland

As the longest serving member of the club, Lenny’s involvement has gone from player to now CEO and he is extremely passionate about IBC’s role in the community.

Lenny started off at the club when it first began in 1974. He boxed for the club as a junior and senior boxer winning national titles and international honours. After retiring from boxing himself and having a short break he became a coach at the club. Lenny now has over 25 years’ experience of coaching boxing. Lenny has gone through every stage of this club from boxer, coach, matchmaker, chairman and now holds the role of C.E.O.

It’s not often you don’t see Lenny in the gym, working hard away at his full time job in keeping the club going. Lenny is the longest serving member of the club, and there is nothing that he doesn’t know about the club and it’s running. The club is his job but it is also his passion.

  • Lenny Hagland