Hackney Judo

Hackney Judo are a club that strives to improve the well being and discipline of their members, inspiring the young people of Hackney through the Olympic sport of Judo. 

Hackney Judo Club opened in 2013. While only running for 6 years it has provided many young people in Hackney the opportunity to take part in Judo. Though one of the youngest competitive clubs it has achieved exceptional results against some of the oldest clubs in the country.

Integral to the club is Head Coach Calvin Walker-Hall, who not only provides expert coaching, but competes in national competitions. He provides inspiration to the students having lived his entire life in Hackney and comes from a disadvantaged background like many of the club participants. Calvin has a great understanding of the young people and what it takes to engage them.

Currently HJC provides training to approximately 50 judo players per evening, offering multiple classes and spreading access over two evenings a week to cater for a number of different ages and abilities (beginner classes having children as young as 5 taking part).

Not only does Hackney Judo train their players, they also have one of the largest teams of officials/junior officials and referees, with some as young as 12 years of age who are all qualified and work at events around the country for the British Judo Association.

All of the clubs coaches are fully qualified UKCC level 2/3 coaches, who ensure the young people can compete at competitions all over the country, which improves the self-esteem and confidence of the young people despite age, sex or ability.

The club offers a well disciplined structure including a child welfare officer under the watchful eye of the National Governing Body of the British Judo Association.