Fight For Peace

Fight For Peace

Fight for Peace is an international NGO whose mission is to support young people to realise their potential, working with them to prevent violence in their communities.

The organisation was founded in the Complexo da Maré favelas, Rio de Janeiro in 2000 and today is present in 25 countries worldwide, working with young people through Academies, Safer Community Programmes and an Alliance of local partner organisations trained in the Fight for Peace methodology.

Newham was chosen as the location for the Fight for Peace London Academy due to high levels of youth crime, poverty and a lack of educational attainment. In 2013 Newham had the 3rd highest level of child poverty of any local authority in the UK at 41%. In 2011/12, the borough had the 3rd highest level of serious youth violence in London. In 2011 11.6% of young people aged 16-24 in the Royal Docks ward, where the Academy is based had either never worked or were long-term unemployed.

Fight for Peace believe the choices young people make are based on the opportunities and support they have access to, as well as the way they see themselves, how they relate to others, and how they see their future. That’s why Fight for Peace invests in young people, offering integrated and holistic programmes in a safe environment.

Fight for Peace’s work has both a local and global reach. They develop and implement holistic programmes that directly support young people at their Academies in Rio de Janeiro and London. Knowledge acquired is used to generate content and train other community-based organisations working in violence prevention around the world. They call this the Fight for Peace Alliance and to date, have trained more than 160 organisations from 25 countries around the world.

Fight for Peace also implement Safer Communities Programmes, where they work with local partners, governments, international agencies, donors and the private sector to generate collective impact for violence prevention across affected communities.

Through their Academies in Rio de Janeiro and London, through the Safer Communities Programmes in Jamaica and South Africa and their Alliance of trained partner organisations, Fight for Peace have reached more than 250,000 young people in search of peace and a fairer society.