Crown & Manor

The Crown and Manor Club is a youth club with a history that goes over 100 years providing a safe haven for boys and young men.

The amalgamated Crown and Manor came into existence in 1939 when the Hoxton Manor joined forces with the Crown Club. In 2010 the club was redeveloped, fully accessible in 2013 with new state of the art custom built premises comprising of a full sized multi-purpose gymnasium, games room, two classrooms, ICT suite, weights room and a board room come history room.

100-170 members visit the club which is open to members between the ages of 6 and 25. It is run by a full time manager and nine part-time fully trained staff, overseen by a voluntary executive Committee and a full Council. The Club aims to develop the knowledge of personal, social and health education, and citizenship as part of their ethos. At C&M the boys are helped to recognise different risks in different situations and how to behave in response to them, while encouraging all members to do their best and have respect for others.

Boys from the boroughs of Hackney and Islington visit the club, with some coming from as far as Redbridge. C&M have excellent retention numbers and many of the boys ‘grow up at the club’, continuing their engagement until adulthood. Members have gone on to become volunteers at C&M and have enjoyed part time paid roles. C&M encourage family and friends involvement.