What We Do

We bring funding support to sports clubs and youth centres in London who offer programmes that provide opportunities for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, so that we can positively impact their health and wellbeing to successfully steer them from a pathway that is leading to crime and antisocial behaviour. 

We help sports clubs and youth centres who have local body referrals achieve these goals by supporting the many volunteers to extend their reach and increase their impact in local communities.

We work closely with the sports clubs and youth centres and our funders to create meaningful partnerships and facilitate the monitoring of projects and reporting to demonstrate true impact is being achieved.

With our no frills approach and complete transparency funders can be confident all funding will be going directly to help the young people in need.

We partner our funders with a 10% contribution to each project.

We Believe

We believe sport and youth clubs provide very practical, effective and low cost opportunities to engage, develop and empower young people. 

We believe local youth clubs have the experience and knowledge of their community and young people which is essential to deliver meaningful programmes. 

We believe in a collaborative approach which is why we work with sports and youth clubs and their local bodies, the police and youth services.

We know long-term engagement achieves meaningful results so we support clubs with an open ended delivery and why we are driven to support them with long term funding strategies.


1. People of Character

2. Money is used for intended purpose

4. Our charities deliver impact