STar capital partner with yes – to support the islington boxing club’s latest youth project

Star Capital’s fantastic support has enabled the recent purchase of the complete set of basic equipment required to run each boxing class at IBC for all age groups and levels ranging from the clubs ‘Infant’ classes to their ‘Senior Competitive’ classes.

The classes are run by qualified coaches who have the experience and knowledge necessary to engage young people who vary in their motivation to attend. From those who just love to take part in the sessions, to the young people who are motivated to progress their skills and achieve results with competition level boxing.

Furthermore a truly fantastic benefit of a young person’s involvement in the club is the opportunity for Lenny and his team to keep an eye on the general welfare of the young people. Ingrained in the local community, the coaches and staff at IBC understand and recognise when young people are facing challenges in their lives outside of the sport and are able to provide the support they would otherwise not receive to keep the young people engaged and on the right pathway in life.

Thanks Star Capital for partnering with us to help so many more young people in the Islington community succeed in life!